A church full of art

Eine Kirche voll Kunst

De Grote Kerk Groede
…is a national monument and the imposing centerpiece of the picturesque village.
During the summer months, the doors are open in the afternoon, allowing you to walk right in. You can wander through the centuries-old church hall or take a seat in the so-called Catsbank and listen to the story of the tower. There are also continuous visual art exhibitions and regular concerts.

Experience the history of this monumental church building and enjoy the contemporary art and music.
Opening hours are from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Atelier Schelp
Atelier Schelp
Janneke Kramer
Theo Hanenberg
Naomi Sara
Naomi Sara

July 1 to 7


Artworks created in Atelier de Schelp, part of Stichting Tragel.

Closing on July 7 with a performance by pop choir Xing

July 1 to August 4


Paintings from the series “Lijnenspel”(play of lines) by artist Janneke Kramer


“My work arises through observing and reflecting. However, I also leave a lot to chance by letting go… then a spontaneous work emerges: the viewer can use their imagination to fill in what they might recognize in a piece. Sometimes it’s shapes/colors/lines that can also form an exciting whole. Art is mainly in your mind and always evokes EMOTION. My work can give the impression of looking from the inside out or from the outside in.”

July 15 to September 8


Technology and creativity in unique objects by Theo Hanenbergh.

August 6th to September 8th


by Naomi Sara

Born and raised in Flanders, Zeeland, in her latest work Naomi Sara explores the influence of her native region on her work. A wonderful and above all personal journey of discovery from a past into the present.
The collection is a sequel to the 2023 series In Structure and takes you to a world full of refinement, wonder and contradictions.

With a total of 20 works, Naomi Sara shares her fascination with organic forms and structures that originate in sand, sea and waves. About the beauty, lightness and transparency of Bruges lace, the layering of traditional, Zeeland jewellery and her love of natural materials and weathering process. The story is a varied narrative full of contrast, innovation and the search for freedom. Above all, an ode to all that Zeeland has
brought her.

In My Zeeland, Naomi Sara combines several traditional and contemporary techniques and uses textiles,paper, natural materials as well as porcelain. The result is a varied collection consisting of structures, embroidery, photographs and necklaces. 

The My Zeeland collection will be on display at the church in Groede from 6 August to 9 September.

About Naomi Sara
As a designer and fibre artist, Naomi Sara (Terneuzen, 1980) works from her studio in the heart of Zutphen.
Graduated from the art academy in Maastricht and with a broad career in the textile industry, for the last several years she has focused entirely on her autonomous work and guiding students in their personal
design process. Naomi Sara’s work can be characterised as refined, authentic and inquisitive. For more information visit www.naomisara.nl and on Instagram via by_naomi_sara.
Text: Peter Willems